Sunday, 18 June 2017

Maxi skirts, meetups, movies, and dressing like a bouquet

Vintage bias-cut maxi skirt from the $5 rack. Ack!!! What luck. From My Sister's Closet (MSC), don't you know. I got a whack-ton of '70s treasures in a two-day spree there. Again, eagle eyes and persistence, my friends. 

"But I'd rather look ridiculous when everybody else does than plain and sensible all by myself," persisted Anne mournfully," speaking about her love of puffed sleeves on dresses, from Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. 

I have that puffed-sleeve love for this top, silk, hand-painted, by a Nordic company, I don't remember which one because I cut out the label when I decided to wear it backwards (I like to see the faces on the front) and then hid it in a safe place. 

The big earrings are from MSC too.

Below is a skirt that Suzanne of gave me when she came to town recently. I wore it for the first time to an afternoon's 2017 Resort Wear Trunk Show by designer Rabia Dastgir. The event sounds rather lah-ti-dah but I met a great bunch of people there. I did a brief post about it on my culture/style blog HERE.

The skirt says, "THIS KIND OF MEMORABILIA, IT IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION." Haha, yes! I tell you, Suzanne is the wicked wizard of bod. Although I would have admired this skirt for its design and colour, I would not have picked it out for myself - far too fitted. Thankfully, Suzanne is not so short-sighted. She always picks out winning pieces for everyone when we shop together. 

Bare legs? Body con? Suzanne said, yes, please.

I love the simplicity of this piece with its elastic waist (more food for me!). And I love vintage typewriters with their satisfying Ding WHAM refrain at the end of each line, not to mention the hard clacking of keys, sigh. It makes me think of snappy dialogue between Rosalind Russel and Cary Grant in that screwball comedy His Girl Friday. Another sigh.

There's also a 2012 French film called Populaire set in 1959 about a woman who reluctantly enters speed typing contests. I thought it was charming, with just enough style gluttony to fuel my popcorn hypno-feast. Beware. It was on Netflix.

I bought those beautiful red sandals at Talize thrift store in Delta during our meetup too. I walked all the way across town in them for the trunk show - so glad I took my runners to wear home. 

I have to say, if you're in the Toronto area and need a wardrobe pick-me-up, you MUST contact Suzanne. No kidding. I'm just throwing this out there without consulting her, heh. She sees things you wouldn't even consider but look great. Or check some of her amazing vintage finds in her Etsy shop, HERE.

And next, for your entertainment -
A real movie! Sherry of Petite Over 40 made it from footage we shot during the meetup with me, Suzanne, and Sue of A Colourful Canvas. (I posted on it HERE.) It cracks me up every time I watch. Sincerely, Sherry has a talent for this stuff. She used to work in media so this marks a return to video after a long hiatus. So glad she's baaaack!! 

And that's not all. There's a video clip of Suzanne riding Vancouver's SkyTrain public transit in novel and exciting ways HERE. Hahaha! This is what happens when you give Suzanne a dare. Nobody even batted an eye! 

Another Blogger Meetup
No, it didn't take place in a pool but I just thought I'd put myself there using a stairwell photo I took in the outfit I wore to the meetup.

With the cold and rain, a frigging cornucopia of flowers was required. Thank goodness I had this vintage rear-zip jumpsuit for such an emergency. Also, when meeting one's fellow bloggers it's always a nice gesture to dress as a bouquet. I'm wearing my vintage angel-wing top underneath. O had just cut my hair so it's extra-special sticky-uppy too.

So whom did I meet? Lisa (Amid Privilege) and Susan (une femme d'un certain âge), who had flown into town to spend time with their friend of many years, Frances (materfamilias writes). I was happy that this trio set aside time to include one more. Left to right in the photo below: Lisa, Susan, and me. Frances had left by the time we took this shot.

We convened at Thierry café, which often wins Best Dessert and Best Pastry in popular Vancouver eatery surveys. And it is also a fancy chocolatier. What better place for a blogger meetup? 

I'd met Frances before for a sketching outing but this was my first time meeting Susan and Lisa. What a bunch of strong, smart, stylish, and supportive women. We had an intense and satisfying discussion on the issue of invisibility and aging, as well as techniques I can use to take over the world. Hahaha! I was moved by their generosity of heart, thought, and laughter. 

After "coffee," I showed Susan and Lisa around a few stores, including Holt Renfrew, which they had asked about. As a staple in my eye-candy diet, I know that place inside-out. And then I took them to Italian Kitchen restaurant before we parted ways. It was a brief meetup but worth it. I hope we can meet again! Susan's writeup is here and Frances' is here.

And now, what I wore just for nuthin'
This next outfit I call Fake French De Niro Style or How to Look Tough in Ballet Flats. "You lookin' at me!?" 

Skulls, chic high-waisted fit and flare skirt, sparkly clutch from MSC, ballet flats, Lagerfeld sunnies, fun fabric flower clip/pin hand-made by Suzanne as a goodie bag gift at the blogger meetup two summers ago, and my magic loupe. (Thanks to all of you who bought a loupe! O has had to restock.)

The skirt was originally a dress for a woman with a Barbie doll figure. I would have had to remove a couple of ribs and had massive implants to make it fit. So I hacked off the top part and farked it into a bolero jacket; the rest became this high-waisted skirt. Below you can see the subtle patterning on the fabric. I bought the dress at a movie lot sale of costumes.

Poking my bag to make sure it's not moving. Always a good idea.

This next red outfit is called Failed Highland Dancer or Weak Scottish Gladiator. The dress was oh-so-flat-falling on the front so I added some thrifted suspenders from MSC to create interesting draping and a wonky hemline. The back is also clipped up in one place. Those are my white Reebok sweat socks with my sandals. They save me putting four band-aids on my ankles - these sandals bite.

That's the tartan jacket I farked from dumpy to punky, HERE. It's one of my favourite farked pieces. I can't believe it's mid-June and I still wear wool jackets!

If you've made it this far you deserve cake! And ice cream!! I missed posting last week and the backup just came tumbling out this time. 

I'll find something here to link up with Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb. 

Now I'm tired. Heh. What's up with you? Share it in your comments. Thanks so much for visiting!!


  1. Oh my! You HAVE been busy.

    I would have wrestled you for that first maxi skirt and blouse...even though neither one would have fit me. They might have fit my leg. Ha ha!

    You really stood out amongst your peers in that photo. It reminded me of that Sesame Street song, "One of these things doesn't belong." Now I want the scoop on all the world domination tips they gave you. Throw a gal a bone will you?

    As usual all of your outfits are creative and inspiring. I think your last one might be my favourite of the bunch. So much "out of the box thinking" that ones begins to wonder if there ever was a box to begin with.

    Sherry really does need to be our resident director. She did such a brilliant job on that movie.

    Thanks for the shout-out and I'm happy you were willing to give the skirt a try. I knew your styling would surprise and delight me. The ability to surprise people on a continuous basis is a very special skill set. That is your super power.


  2. Fabulous selection of ensembles, Melanie! I think farking is your superpower. And that movie was hilarious! I'm still chuckling. Sherry is genius at consolidating everyone's antics.

  3. So much fun here! The meet-up was great, wasn't it? Thierry didn't know what hit it! ;-)
    I saw Populaire a while ago as well and second your recommendation. Good accompaniment to popcorn!

  4. Melanie, it was such a pleasure meeting up with you in Vancouver. I'm happy to help you achieve World Domination in any way I can...and your floral jumpsuit was such a spot of sunshine on a grey day!

    Always love seeing how you arrange and style various pieces. That tartan jacket is one of your Greatest Hits.

  5. Sometimes I am just struck dumb by your uniqueness and talent and your truly eclectic tastes!
    You are just the sweetest in that little puffy sleeved backwards blouse. Of course the children's faces should have front billing! The typewriter skirt is brilliant. Suzanne id's apt in recognizing that it was meant for you. This is my favorite outfit. Surreal stenographer I'm calling it. Whatever you did to float yourself in the pool is Hollywood level til farking. The plaid jacket is avant garde Cinque and perfect with the suspendered red dress. Then the big finish with the black skull blouse and brocade skirt...WOW! WOW! WOW!
    This post was like attending a premiere runway debut. ( It's me , Jude )

  6. I adore all your outfits, and so many fun finds! You have such a good eye for these things, Mel. Love: backwards painted blouse, typewriter skirt (WANT!) worn with red shoes that I had to check were still in my closet (yes! I have those too!), the entire farked red Scottish dancer outfit, tube socks and all.

    I was in your fair city this week, but it was such a whirlwind we were not able to visit anyone! I looked for you, though!

  7. omg, a cornucopia of fabulousness. I adore the De Niro pose, and yes we ARE looking at you. Lurve the movie - starlets!! xox


  8. Oh wow! The video cracked me up!! Wonderful entertainment,starlets! So much to read and see here, thanks Mel. xx

  9. I really don't know where to start , so much joy in one post , each outfit so different but always a treasure . The stars shine in the video - a new career is calling.

  10. Hello Mel!

    What utterly fabulous and amazing clothes - and such brilliant farking, too! I love the skirts, the stripey top, the wonderful movie dress farked skirt, the fab blouses and the amazing floral jump suit. You look wonderful in all the outfits.

    I can see you've had a fabulous week!

    Loved the video...

  11. This is too much. I loved your post, but you silly should have made four posts from it. Too much my dear I don't know where to start. Loved the videos. Wished I had been there. Was surprised by the black skirt outfit. Wouldn't think this is you as it is me (haha). Love the "Suzanne skirt outfit" on you. And the new red sandals. Want to know how the back of the top with the puffed sleeves looks like. Etc etc.

  12. I'm loving that tartan and red draped look there at the end!!!

  13. Just discovered you. I'm buddies with Lisa and Susan. So you're a new fun addition to the mix. Love your whole look, vibe and attitude.
    Sandra Sallin

  14. So much to love here. Outfits. Meetups. Humor. And more! Suzanne really has an eye. The dress looks fabulous on you. I've experienced her kindness and generosity! You look gorgeous, as always!


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