Sunday, 14 January 2018

Exploring Elegance with a Vegas touch

I met photographer Deanna Flinn at Vancouver Fashion Week in September and she suggested we do a shoot together. Hm, let me think - OKAY! Last week, on a mild, semi-sunny day, our schedules aligned, so I loaded up my wheelie cart with clothes, and we hit downtown.

I call this series Exploring Elegance, after the fact, because we/I never had any plans, opting to roll with the mood. In the end, it was a matter of location location location. Big steps, even if they're going nowhere (like here, to locked doors), formidable sculptures of lions, and humongous ionic columns are universally-endorsed structural elegance.

My black ensemble and sparkles couldn't help but suck up some of that sophisticated going-nowhere-but-looking-imposing vibe as I paced vogued back and forth on the landing.

Yes, these were taken outside Vancouver Art Gallery, VAG, all caps, for short. On my Instagram, Anita of Look for the Woman noted the abundance of concrete. If it is concrete, it is elegant concrete to be sure, although my research indicates that this is marble, disguised as concrete. Those ionic columns sure look like concrete.

In fact, this building, constructed in 1906, is one of Vancouver's few large-scale National Heritage Sites. This designation should save it from demolition, which seems to be the tragic fate of so many of my city's older buildings. 

That's a fantastic shot of my head framed by the portico. 

Deanna does commercial and fashion photography all over the place, and she is the photographer for a local model agency. You can see her work on her website Free Admission and Instagram of the same name here.

After I got warmed up - and used to having a real live human behind the lens - I removed my oversized Oscar de la Renta men's wool/cashmere (possibly vintage) coat and did a few Quentin Tarantino moves, well, not quite, but at least moves interesting enough to keep the tour group in the plaza at the bottom of the stairs distracted and mildly entertained. It's the least I could do.

I wore my thigh high socks and thrifted Miu Miu crackle-leather boots. I love the diamond pattern on the socks stitched with silver lurex yarn. 

And I couldn't let that massive concrete (stone? marble? looks like concrete) at the top of the stairs go to waste. Those dots on the stairs are big bits of glitter confetti. There must have been a party or wedding celebration.

"Oh, dahling," sigh, "it's just too, too elegant." Especially with metallic silver frog closures on one's thighs atop diamond-lined slits on those massive palazzo pant legs. 

This is of course my Vegas jumpsuit, vintage, crepe wool, rear zip, which has been featured several times on Bag'n'B, worn with my super puffed-sleeved silk blouse bought retail in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo a vintage-age ago.

I called this the Vegas jumpsuit because it's always ready for a night of brat-packing, martinis, bubblegum cigarettes with sugar-puff smoke, and jackpotting, or faffing about downtown. Or for gardening, below, for the post, "What to wear for gardening," in March 2017. This photo I called "The Rake's Progress - In a Good Way," named after the opera, which ended badly for the rake.

And below, a photo taken by Vancouver Barbara at the Little Black Dress Gala in Vancouver in May 2017. See this post, "Trotting to a gala like a little pony." You know that if I'm instructed to wear black, I must include a colour breakout somewhere. Note the glitter black platform booties. Those floors are definitely marble.

I also styled it in December 2013 in my post, "I wore this for Mis Papelicos," who was having a linkup party. Below is an ultra-short video of the outfit. I still have the cape, which I still adore. Fake ermine, dahlings. Or some other speckled animal. And platform booties again.

Finally, I made a mini-me cutout with this jumpsuit on and put it in a cardboard box for my post "Thinking in the forest in the box," also December 2013. Check the link for a look.

This post is a bit photo-heavy, and I haven't even touched the other photos yet, which are more, shall I say, interesting, under the theme, Exploring my Femininity, for the next post.

One of Deanna's current projects involves taking portraits of strong women. If you would like to be a candidate, contact her through her social media, Free Admission. I not only had a great time with her easy-going (and professional) manner, I was very impressed with the results.

That's all for this week. I'll link up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, her Visible Monday, and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for her #iwillwearwhatilike. See you there!!


  1. I love how Deanna has captured you in all your urban feral glory: hair like flames, clothes swooshing about like semaphore flags. I can only imagine how enraptured passersby must have been! Two more months until I'm over for the anniversary!

  2. Love this photo spread, you gorgeous silver-tressed model. You're right about that jumpsuit, it's got everything, for all occasions. And the free form dancing on the museum steps - that's a movie right there: Audrey Hepburn grows up, and doesn't need Fred Astaire any more! You're a star, xox


  3. Your style and your pictures are gorgeous.
    XO Martina - Munich/Germany

  4. How marvellous, those pants are sublime, and so are you!!!

  5. I am in love with photo number 6. You seem to have suddenly burst into a brief but very joyful flamenco moment.
    The first several shots find you feeling for a mood. The grand architecture seems a bit too demanding but then... there you are! UNDAUNTED.
    Hooray!! Love, Jude

  6. Wow, what a fantastic professional photos! I also had to laugh at that super short video!

  7. Fabulous photos!
    I wouldn't expect any different!

  8. You're an inspiration, an adorable inspiration.

    Anna x

  9. I like your explosion of skirt swishing photo! How cool to be able to work with a photographer on some themed shoots (I'm envious!). If I lived in Vancouver I would definitely contact Deanna about working with her.

  10. Beautiful stylization, moody. Beautiful-white blouse and black overalls. This castle is very nice. I like your blog, greetings.

  11. That is a blogger's dream. To have an actual professional photographer take your pictures. I would love that. You look very good in these photos, but given the time of year we are in, it must have been COLD!!!
    It isn't showing though.
    Lovely jumpsuit. And your thigh high diamond socks are perfect with that split. I love that photo best, where the legs of your jumpsuit are flying up, revealing the socks.

  12. It feels like I'm watching a movie trailer - so mysterious - whatever's going to happen next - something surreal, of course. I'm buying a ticket for sure.

  13. I've been watching a lot of french dramas, lately and you just totally look like a judge to me. Hehe. This whole outfit is rad! <3

    - Anna

  14. Now THAT is a COAT! This has to be one of the best posts you've shared, Melanie. I absolutely love everything about it - and I have to say I love all your blog posts (and Instagrams too). I do love to see favourite clothing being worn again and again - that helps me no end (not being a regular shopper and so therefore not having an endless wardrobe) and re-enforces the idea that different accessories, locations even, changeth the whole picture. FABULOUS! xx


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