Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Happy maxi skirt with attitude

Hello, everyone! I'm on my way to Visible Monday at Patti's place, Not Dead Yet Style. It's a new week, full of possibilities... I'm ready. Nothing like a zesty lemon maxi skirt to sproing me up. I bought it at - gulp - Joe Fresh...new. (I hang my head in shame.) This skirt very boldly screamed at me as I gawped at it in the window about a month ago. I didn't flinch though - I knew the price would drop. And drop it did. I waltzed in and rescued it late last week for half price. I don't think the store had sold even one; every size was still on the rack. So sad but not surprising. (Where do unwanted skirts go?)

Here it is, the look that says, Don't get in my way or I'll flatten you in my happy skirt. O calls it The Willow Monster with Two Shadows. In fact, I can imagine silently levitating down the sidewalk in this upright position, frighteningly calm and zesty, very Japanime.

This is the best spinnaker sail in my closet! Today was breezy and I just couldn't resist gently holding out the folds to catch the wind. Whenever I'd stop at a walk signal, it would take seconds for the billowing fabric behind me to catch up. I wore the turtleneck to protect my neck from the sun but the fabric is light and breathes. And there was plenty of air-conditioning down below...

Details of the outfit:
  • yellow maxi skirt (with pockets!), Joe Fresh, new, $30
  • fuchsia silk top and teal silk top, hand-me-overs
  • turtleneck, thrifted
  • Michael Kors platform sandals, thrifted, Value Village
  • sunglasses, new about 15 years ago, Sunglasses Hut?

I also had a kick in my walk because I was feeling energized and to prevent falling flat on my face by tripping over that hem. Did I also say this the longest maxi I own? Tip: People are friendly to women in lemon skirts.

Other News

I took down my art pieces tonight; the Baron Gallery exhibit closed yesterday. What a ride that was!! The people who attended my action painting workshop will be exhibiting their works for a week and the opening is Sunday, July 22, 2-4 p.m. Free refreshments. I'll definitely be there. Everyone is so incredibly talented, I wouldn't miss it. Thanks for your support during this exhibition!! I really appreciated it. 


Anonymous said...

Night work recommends sunglasses ... have a nice and successful day

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooooooh I would live inside this skirt! Put a little roof on her, plant some flowers out the front and never leave her happy walls again! She is beautiful - and you are too. Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

As I scrolled down to see the skirt, I actually laughed out loud - not cos it's funny, just because it's SO joyful!
What an amazing skirt, like a cloud of lemon zest billowing about your legs. And with built-in air conditioning, how clever!
Was it cold? You are layered up so it must be chilly. Maxis are so useful for unpredictable weather - cool and airy when it's warm, or a layer over your legs when it's cool. Perfect!
I'd be friendly to you if I saw you! I'd think - there's a woman after my own heart! xxxxxx

grunge-queen said...

Glad you gave that skirt a happy home - love what you did with the colour blocking. Sometimes I feel guilty for the odd fast-fashion purchase, but it's usually something I love and will wear. Have fun in this one! xo

pao said...

ooooo, you've captured the glee we had with dress up time as kids!

Megan said...

SHABAM you are definitely the most visible person in Vancouver in that skirt. So awesome. And JOE FRESH! I may need to copy you.

I love the stripe of pink peeking out of the blue top. And you found Michael Kors shoes at the VV boutique? Lucky.

thorne garnet said...

What a skirt! The color looks awesome on you, on me....yellow make me look jaundice. As for the rest of the skirts, in 10 years they will be selling as "vintage dead stock" haha!

Vix said...

That skirt makes me beam, it's such a joy. You look even more fabulously tall and statuesque than ever in that beauty. x

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

You are VISIBLE, and fabulous, my friend. That skirt was there waiting to be owned and loved by you. I've never heard of Joe Fresh - I'm checking him out today (it's not produce, I can see : >)

Thanks for linking up, you look fantastic!

Sheila said...

Such a great skirt - so much yellow is never bad! I can imagine you sailing down the street with it billowing out behind you.

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Love maxies in any color. Wish I could have been at your show.

kaffesoester said...

Yellow is such a happy colour - one can only be kind with so much yellow around! I love the black and white pattern with the yellow skirt, and the layered silk tops! Will there be photos of the action paintings? The one you posted a while ago was fantastic!

Damar Rivillo said...

ok this skirt is absolutely amazing, the color and the combination you made make me smile... so a happy look... loveeeee it

Penny-Rose said...

WOW that is a seriously bright happy sunny yellow skirt.

Helga! said...

Nothing like a zesty Melanie to brighten up my Wednesday!!!
That skirt is frigging fabulous!How splendid that peeps are kind to women in yellow skirts!As for where unwanted skirts go,if they are unwanted by the masses,they must be divine,and therefore they end up with wonderful carers like yourself!
I always enjoy going to exhibition openeings,as I enjoy booze and the opportunity to act knowledgable about art!!!

Joni James said...

Such a happy skirt indeed! I hope the skirts can keep up their moral until they are all brought into a good home like yours. Happiness is so underrated.
If you spin very fast in this outfit you will look very much like a spinning top!

Lynne DeVenny said...

I have a new-to-me yellow skirt via eBay, and even after reading Patti's post about comparing stuff today, my skirt is still sad it is not half as zesty as yours. I told it to quit whining and brighten up. Literally.

I have no idea what a Joe Fresh is, but if it has skirts like that, you must hold your head up proud when you venture in.

Terri said...

Marvelous bright colors! I love the layers of color and had to laugh at the idea of the skirt catching up to you on a street corner. You are forgiven for buying new.

Narda said...

That's a very yummy looking skirt Melanie. This is a very eye-catching outfit - I especially like the print on the turtleneck.

Bella Q said...

What a brilliant outfit and not just in color- the yellow and that Wedgewood blue are just so perfect together and I adore the layering of the long sleeved black and white print shirt underneath- Prada-esque and Japanime.

Lyosha said...

amazing mix of patterns and clothes! Looking at you I feel cheered up and smiles comes on my face even if I don't want it (in fact my smile went bigger so everybody knows I'm happy about something not just regularly smile).
I need to create the alike outfit - love yours too much

Inside and Outside Blog

Idoia Bilbao Parisse said...

I love all your looks! you're a master of fashion! I like your yellow skirt, its color is wonderful. From the previous post I I love the shirt and pants... always beautiful! XOXO

DearHelenHartman said...

Adorable as always. Dress like that I'd look like the circus had come to town - not the clowns, the TENT! You are such a cutie girl and your sense of style is FABULOUS.

TT said...

To tell the truth, and against all thoughts that are obviously written here with “serious intent":

Melanie - sorry, but you’re looking really unbelievable ugly in those clothes!!! No wonder the price had dropped, as no one else wanted to have "That" skirt :-) The colour itself doesn't make it a fancy fashion-hit-outfit. And $30 for a warning coloured trans-road-crossing-spinnaker-sail is too much (That makes it 15 bucks the running metre – blowing in the wind). For this money I would have taken a “yellow cab” just to cross pacific road on save and comfortable way, including a huge real Italian style coffee at my favourite coffee bar on the other side of the street - including people watching – wearing clowny clothes.

You don’t have to hide your body silhouette underneath tents and curtains - as you have one to show - unless your pro"posing" just for fun your lucky inside out – just the way as "PAO" in the only true words described here above: “you've captured the glee we had with dress up time as kids”. And I assume: no fear on bad combinations. Everything is possible - freak out, its fun, but don’t ask a woman how you look like. They mostly lie. Ask a man – we are more realistic once it comes to cloth-hidden bodies.

Your tip: “People are friendly to women in lemon skirts”
My hint: “They might be scared”

At least - don’t trust people, who are seriously saying: you are looking lovely and beautiful on those pics- they do and might laugh behind hold up hands or even open loud with the forefinger pointing at you, once you pass their way at the walk signal.

Hey, pretty woman, there’s a perfect song by Judy Garland: that fits perfect to that outfit.


I’ll remember forever, when I was but three,
Mama, who was clever remarking to me:
"If, son, when you’re grown up, you want everything nice,
I’ve got your future sewn up if you take this advice:

Be a clown,
Be a clown,
All the world loves a clown
Act the fool, play the calf
And you’ll always have the last laugh,
Wear the cap and the bells
And you’ll rate with all the great swells,
If you become a doctor, folks will face you with dread,
If you become a dentist, they’ll be glad when you’re dead,
You’ll get a bigger hand if you can stand on your head.
Be a clown, be a clown, be a clown!

Be a clown,
Be a clown,
All the world loves a clown
Be a crazy buffoon
And the `demoiselles` will all swoon,
Dress in huge baggy pants
And you’ll ride the road to romance,
A butcher or a baker ladies never embrace,
A barber for a beau would be a social disgrace,
They all will come to call if you can fall on your face.
Be a clown, be a clown, be a clown!

Be a clown,
Be a clown,
All the world loves a clown
Be the poor silly ass
And you’ll always travel first class,
Give `em quips, give `em fun,
And they’ll pay to say you’re A-1,
If you become a farmer you’ve the weather to buck,
If you become a gambler, you’ll be stuck with your luck
But jack you’ll never lack if you can quack like a duck,
Be a clown, be a clown, be a clown!

And by the way: I’m wondering what cartoon you’ll draw to this outfit
Freak OUT – love you blog – keep on,
and have a nice and successful day

The Style Crone said...

I love the lemon skirt! Especially with the added color and the print turtleneck. The skirt could carry you in the wind like a ship's sail on the sea. Your talent and creativity are my constant inspiration.

Congratulations on wrapping up a successful art show.

Style-Delights said...

what a riot of colors! LOVE it! And good luck with the exhibition! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style-Delights Blog

Melanie said...

Ha! I love this comment!! Your honesty is absolutely refreshing!!!! Thank you. And it deserves my attention!

Okay, I hear you. Just because this is yellow and big does not make it fashionable - or flattering. I agree. But the way I FELT in the yellow, despite it's hugeness, was another thing. I FELT fantastic. You would be surprised the effect that has when I wear it, which I can't capture in these photos, but maybe a dozen people, women AND men (a higher number than usual) within an hour stopped me specifically to tell me how much they love my style and my skirt (!) and they weren't smirking when they said it - they had genuine admiration in their eyes. I don't think it was necessarily the skirt, but how I FELT in the skirt that drew their positive remarks.

That said, probably the same number of people (or more!) hated that skirt and wanted me out of their sight as quickly as possible. I didn't see how many fingers were pointing behind me. Given the general state of blandness throughout the city, no wonder people commented on my colour in every sense. And maybe I did wear this as a playful slap to wake people up, to say, hey, enjoy life, your clothes, see the possibilities, even if my way was too far on the end of the spectrum of acceptable for some.

About being a clown, yes, these bright colours and lack of shape do lend themselves to this comparison. But I wore this skirt like a queen, like a diva gracing the streets with her divine colourful presence. With that attitude, as you say, probably the people who didn't like the skirt were too afraid to tell me directly (or polite!) because I'd turn them to stone!

So, TT, just keeping life lively over here! And having a whole lot of fun doing it!! Hits and misses all. Again, your honestly blew more life into the sails of this skirt - which, I'm afraid, I'll be wearing more of till the end of our very short summer here. I just wish you could be here at the cafe across the street to see me, sipping your Italian coffee, so I could catch a cab and join you. And if you were afraid to be seen with the girl in the yellow skirt, it's as large as a circus tent... I'd just have to wear something even more freak show underneath!

I hope you have a spectacular day over there!

PS My cartoon was a woman standing in the wind, gazing fiercing at the horizon. I'll post it.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Fabulously fierce skirt!! Isn't it fun wearing stuff that makes people's head swivel as you swan by! Yes, it's blazing yellow, and it's a lot of skirt, but you own it, and if it intimidates people, so what? They probably need to be shaken out of their safe little box for a few minutes. I love your response to "TT" - I appreciate their point of view, but resent the implication that we are all saying how much we love it just to be nice. I would be pleased as punch to walk down the street with you wearing that skirt, although I would have to figure out what I would wear! I want to see the turnip head cartoon as it will remind me of my long skirt post from a few days ago - we could both be standing on a cliff in our ballooning skirts, scanning the horizon....

Melanie said...

I'd love to swan down the sidewalk with you! Or stand pensively on a cliff with hope like the lieutenant's women!

In our comments we don't see criticisms very often, mostly because we are on similar wavelengths and we encourage each other with positivity, focusing on the parts we do like and honouring the effort that has gone into our posts. But hearing the male point of view was a blast in every sense!

There's a saying that if you are successful you will draw out opposite opinions. And while I hope I don't get this kind of criticism often - TT, please take note! :) - it certainly helps me defend myself and think more closely about why I wear what I do.

Thanks for your confidence!!!

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

I love how you layered the outfit & the color combo is lovely..You look great as always!

Lisa said...

I adore sunshine...in whatever form it takes....a billowy skirt or radiant smile.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

yeah we're all fucking liars, I object to that. I always love what you wear and I'd love to see you swinging down the street toward me in mad colours, I certainly wouldn't be sniggering behind your back. Neither would the rest of your bloggy buddies. How dare you not show off you body? - sorry I forgot it was the 70s

TT said...

The gently wicked man I am, I seriously took note - and it was surely not of my intention to talk you down!!!

Art has so many sides to look at - even funny ones - that sometimes it is necessary to keep eyes open and inhale the different angles to get the point of what to look at.

The Woman
The Art
The Inspiration
The Expose ....

This way I didn’t criticise you – I just showed you my angle of view. If you turn it around, you’ve inspired me with your ART and your way of EXHIBITION – otherwise I’d have never written a comment. And if you read sensitivly thru the lyrics of “Be a Clown”- it’s not the clown (Artist/Painter/Exhibitionist - you name it), which is the suspect. It’s the crowd. Success needs clapping hands and a perfect arena. You have both and, I suggest, even more. And don't think about "defending". Think about "offence affection" - in your edgy :-) quirky :-) and of course slightly overboarded :-) way.

So keep on – with open eyes.
second act curtain .. The arena is yours
Chapeau !!

TT said...

:-)only 70s ?

Style Mentor™ said...

Melanie, your beautiful happy face in that last photo along with all that color you are wearing just made my day. I needed this pick me up right now; it has been a tremendous week. I think the lemonade skirt helped my mood brighten. There is something about bright yellow I guess. Congrats on a successful show! :-D

Ivy Black said...

Fab! Lets have some colour and lets have daring. You look wonderful and my mam didn't raise a liar!
Congrats on the show.

Rosemary the Shopper said...

People are always friendly to people who are groovin' to their own internal music! You and the yellow skirt will be best pals for a long time to come. Glad that the exhibition went so well for you!

Much love from England,
Rosemary from www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.com

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

This post reminds me why I fell in love with personal style blogging. It's pure inspiration! I love the combination of colors, the print, silhouette, etc. Perfect.

Melanie said...

Never in a million years could I imagine my incredible, awesome blogger buddies sniggering behind my back!! That's why we all meet up in the first place - to give each other support and courage and laughter. Thank you for your wonderful confidence boost!!!

Melanie said...

Thank you!!

Melanie said...

To everyone, I just want to make it clear that when I thanked TT for his honesty, I certainly don't want you to think I question your sincerity! Never, ever! It was just unusual to hear something so, uh, contrary. Thanks always for your comments and encouragement!!!! Hugs! xoxo

Joni James said...

It's a shame that there are a few people out there with obvious brain injuries who use these blogs for their own twisted entertainment. Too bad they don't know the joy of real nurturing.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Thank you. It's my pleasure. Never worry about such patronizing nonsense even if it's hidden behind a veil of pseudo intellectualism. I guess in our little community we forget we leave ourselves open to the rest of the world and all the nutters it may bring.

ana maria bruno said...

La falda amarilla es muy audaz, me gustan el riesgo en el look, yo tengo unas plataformas de ése color y me dá mucha energía, besos ana.

Clara Turbay said...

I see here a lot of expression and character, I like!

Mrs. D said...

Amazing yellow! Isn't it great, to wear vibrant colours? I know I love it!

Diana S.T. said...


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh. My. God. You got that absolutely incredible skirt for a measly thirty bucks? Aaahhh good things come to those who wait. I too hate to buy new, but a bargain's a bargain right? The black and white top: FABULARSEHOLE BABY!!! Can I borrow it? And then you've gone right on and messed with my head by adding the two awesome tops. SQUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Connie said...

Who doesn't love a long spinning skirt?? And hello, Yellow! You are brave and beautiful. Don't feel bad about paying for a new thing. Every year for my birthday I get an anthropologie gift card which I hoard like a squirrel hoarding nuts and I save it for the perfect thing which this year was a yellow flowered balloon sleeved top. (Since I don't post pictures of myself, you can imagine. I look Gorgeous) I usually don't wear yellow but I have gotten TONS of compliments so I want to wear it every day. Oh look what you've done to me...talking and talking and wearing yellow. I love you, Melanie <3

mancunianvintage said...

I LOVE bold colour pop in an outftt - this is literally sunshine clothing - fabulous!

Jatinda Kang said...

wow, what a maxi

yellow always puts a smile inside me

have to follow you now. hope you can follow me too

Kitty said...

Anime or anime (insert accent on e) this outfit makes my day!! So fab and bright what a treat you are. But can you please explain Joe Fresh?? We don't have that here.xx.

Melanie said...

Joe Fresh is a clothing chain started in Canada by Joseph Mimran, with stores in the US now. It sells low- to mid-range priced on-trend apparel for the under-30 or so set - not the kind of store I usually go in unless it's for scouting purposes...

Megan Mae said...

It was the "cartoon"ish effect that really drew to me this look. The colors are so stark and saturated - it reminds me of the drawings a designer would make up for their runway shows. Crisp, long and lean.

The yellow skirt has been the most elusive of clothing goals for me. I would have run into the store and purchased it asap! I nearly did that when I found my thrifted yellow skirt.

lasophia said...

Love all the layers and colors. The whole outfit looks like a good dream.


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